Wolfgang Weingart said,

“Electronic equipment replaces neither eyes, hands, nor heart.”

Salt & Pepper Creative strongly believes that there is no replacement for hard work and having a passion for the work you do.

We believe in the work we create, the people we collaborate with and a culture of continuous learning in order to grow.

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Salt & Pepper Creative is a creative content producer specializing in commercial video and film production, motion graphics and animation. Our prime mandate is to visually execute our clients' messages and unleash this memorable work into the digital wild. A large emphasis is also placed in affording clients an exceptional service experience. The company has a deep respect for the power of collaboration, aligning themselves with similar thinking folks, be it clients, vendors, designers, directors, producers and animators. We continually try listening before speaking and embracing the ever-evolving art and science of visual storytelling.

There’s an art to good storytelling and we feel that begins with good listening. Here we are. Let's connect.

info@salt-n-pepper.tv     (512) 522-3125

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